Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Day - 9 days to go to College another booooring day ends, my countdown to the orientation day at HELP college is now shortened to 9 days. Man i am so excited about it. especially because i am so bored right now...everyone else seem to have already started college and form 6 ages ago.... most of my friends are so busy. i guess everyone has moved on with their lives while i spent my 6 wonderful months in the USA.

anyways, today, after about 2 months, i finally got to sleep in. for some reason, lately my mind has got myself set to be able to wake up everyday by the very latest... so much till i even wake up by 8 even if i am really tired. but yeah...i finally was able to wake up at 11am was good to wake up so late. anyway, woke up...everyone else at home were already at school and work. i took a peep in the fridge to find myself something to eat. unfortunately, we had cleaned out all the groceries late night. fortunately for me, i found half a tub of chocolate ice cream in the fridge...he he... i emptied the entire tub into a bowl and heated it up in the microwave oven and ended having hot chocolate for was gooooood...hehe
so it was raining really heavily, my usual agenda when i wake up is to check my emails...i couldnt do so because of the danger that the lightning strikes would fry modem( an experience which i am more than familiar with at my place)....turned on my mom's laptop...watched matrix revolutions for like the 300th time... its my all time favorite...did a little cleaning around the house. and when the rain subdued, checked my emails, did a little and sis were back by then, blasted the house with 6 i did some running on the treadmill as i couldnt go out jogging[ thanks rain :-( ] about 8 we went did grocery shopping at the local supermarket...bumped into a couple of friends having dinner with their family....

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