Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun And Madness

Last Saturday, May 3rd 2008

I woke up at about 8am, only 4 hours of sleep the night before. Got some chores done, cleaned my room, did some colouring( filling in the colours for the RUSH logo-originally done black and white and awesomely done by Dina from A-Levels. A great contribution to HMC, A-Levels Biggest rivals at HELP University College) and packed my bag for KL. By 10.45am, mom took me to A&W's in front for Seremban Parade in town for the first EVER AFS Seremban Chapter meeting i've been to.Probably the first one in a long time. by the time we got to know everyone( it so happened that Joycelyn Choong and me were the youngest volunteers out of the 16 of us in the chapter), got our food and started talking, it was 12.30..thats when Jegan and Aaron, my 2 buddies from School were to meet up with me to go to KL.

Amazingly, for the first time ever, the two characters arrived at A&W even before the agreed time. I bought some time from them by asking them to eat along with and additional 10 minutes.
The AFS meeting seemed to go on and on. well it wasnt really boring except that the senior volunteers kept getting sidetracked from the agenda talking about their exchanges and the hosted students in the past. I finally managed to get permission to leave from the chapter leader, Encik Ahmad and within that time, i was "volunteered" to become the Chapters Vice President. Which was fine with me, since the seremban chapter is pretty dead..hehe..we actually do not even have a single exchange student hosted within the state currently. Unfortunately, now, i have become responsible to help find host families to host foreign students. Joycelyn is the secretary by the way.

So, i was delayed an extra 10 minutes more. aaron, jegan an i left A&W at 1pm. we hurried and grabbed the first bus we could. Reached at Pasar Seni where it was drizzling a little, we thought we could save some money by walking to times square to catch Iron Man at Imax Theatre by 3pm. We Were WRONG!!! the rain got heavier as we passed pudu bus station. we found the cheapers cab we could and reached Imax right on time.

IRON MAN was AWESOME..To all Marvel Fans out there. This Movies is a MUST. well, to non-marvel fans too..IRON MAN is good!!! however, i dont think Imax is a very good idea. We were dissapointed with the poor quality of the image in imax. we did pay for 2D tickets. but the quality of the movie image was Lower than in GSC, perhaps even using a home projection system would have been much clearer. Its really a dissapointment when Imax Charges RM11 for their 2D tickets, boast one of the largest cinema screens in south east asia, Yet the quality of the screening is POOR!!!

after the movie, we grabbed some grub at McD( sorry aaron, we couldnt find Burger King) head back to KL sentral by the Monorail. We split as jegan and aaron head home
to seremban. I found my way to Dina's place instead.

Dina's birthday was last Weekend. Naina another friend of mine(she graduated from HMC and is now with dina doing A-levels), her birthday was a few days before dina's. These 2 gals decided on having a bbq over at Dina's place.

I meet a whole bunch of AFSérs there. Some of them were people whom i havent met in a long long time..Qing She from terengganu and Agan from Sarawak. Its been so long. we last met like the week right after we got back from the US. thats like almost like 10months ago. And i didnt even know these guys were comin. surprisingly, even our host, dina didnt know they were comin. they just popped OUTTA no where...hehe..

so after the party, we went mamaking at hartamas square. All of us, including our 2 hostess. had this HUGE ais kacang. with the sugar kicking in and the lack of sleep, 6 of us, headed back to dina's place. i was crashing at her place. we stayed up til about 4am making all sorts of noise, pillow fighting and snacking....

amazingly, we were all up by 8 something in the morning. went for breakfast after picking up johan. it was just naina, dina, johan and me. we went to cineleisure to catch a movie, but after buying popcorns we decided to just go back to dina's place and watch a movie. we settled for american pie 5-the naked mile. i got home about 5pm...took a nice long nap. at 8, kamini, my housemate woke me up and we both went to the gym

Friday, May 2, 2008

Long Lost Friends

the guys

The Gals

Deric with his drawing

The gardens

Its been about 7 Years since most of us last met. 7 years since i graduated from primary school. The years of UPSR. Childhood times, old memories, good times, fun times.

After what it seemed like ages of attempts and planning, some of us SKTRJ( Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Rasah Jaya) class of 2001 met up. The venue, Midvalley, more specificly all over Midvalley.
It was about 12 of us. Its actually a pretty good turnout especially with the fact that most of us have long moved on and moved out into our own paths. Few have even travelled abroad. Many hoped to come, but couldnt. About 40( mainly from the class 6Bestari 2001-my class) invitations through text messages, phone calls and emails. many were busy. well, cant please everyone, can we?

So, Azril, Nithia, Deric,Ray, Mastura, Nabil, Revati, Jegan, Putri, Adilah, Fatin and me plus 2 other friends meet up at about 1.30pm, Saturday, 26 April 2008. We took about an hour just to find a place to eat that would accomodate all of us. Being a saturday, the place was crowded as hell. we finally settled for Dominos where the group was divided into 2 tables. Strangely, we ended sitting according to our sexes. Girls took up one table and the guys the other. Weird.

So we ate, Camwhored, exchanged contacts, and i think it was azril who came up with this idea of drawing autographs and to post it into our "friendster group". so we did that, took more picts, caught up with the news and ongoings in each others life.

Mid Valley was really crowded, we tried our luck at The Gardens for some peace and settled at the couches at The Gardens. Took more pictures and we planned for our next meet, hope it happens. Not Too LOng From Now hopefully

Saturday, April 26, 2008


2 weeks of semester break from college. Right after my second semester finals( finals sucked of course). As part of the commitee for the RUSH, an event we're organising for our department, i was sent to Langkawi to really checkout(locations, accomodations,costing,transporatations) the place for the event. and so i thought, a whole bunch of us can go for a holiday in langkawi as well as to get the job done. at first, it was supposed 12 of us. in the end, it was only 4 of us who went. commitee members. Mun yeu, abu, arthur and me. it was sunday morning, 12th april. the plan.

we were to meet at KL sentral at 6.30am to catch the earliest bus possible. i was all set to leave my apartment at 6 when i receive a call from arthur. "Abu asks if we can postpone the trip...He says he's sick!" NO WAY man...I've booked the hotel in Langkawi. "Fine, i'll just tell him we'll leave a little later, say, 9.30am?" "fine....". Poor mun yeu, he was already on his way when arthur called.

I get at KL sentral by 9.15am, get breakfast and wait.....and wait...and wait...arthur gets there about 9.30ish. Mun yeu about 10minutes later. Abu, does not appear. We call him, abu goes like"i'm on my way, i'm comin i'm comin". he finally arrives at 10.10am. we rush to Pudu, got the first bus we could get.

Ther bus was HOT and Bumpy...8 hours in there could make anyone go crazy. It was as bored as hell in there. Mun yeu has a new name now....Donnovan!!!

overall, the trip was boring....we got at langkawi, at like pigs, got a couple of beers...they're cheaper than sodas over there! and a bud was like only RM2.50 Unlike the usual RM9 in mainland.

we got out work done, went to the beach where I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT INTO THE WATER. then we tried going clubbing but we didnt . ended up at a bar. didnt sleep all night. we left langkawi as early as we could. Abu, GOT FREAKIN BORED... or rather he was missing a particular person...hehe.. man, this guy, CAN SLEEP....he slept all the way up to langkawi, attempted to sleep all the time at the hotel and slept all the way back...he doesnt drink..thats a good thing. but it was really funny at the store where mun yeu, arthur and i were getting beers and chocolate..the cashier counter was loaded with beers and chocolate. abu adds in a large pack of strawberry Milk...i dunno, it was pretty funny..

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Few Days We Camwhore
Abu, Anne and yours truly

Tha Internationals Vanessa and Felicia, then neighbours Jason Low and me, Malaysians

Pui calls herself Orange fish and theres Mun yeu

Me Darlings
Man Im that word

Fro left, Anne, Monkey, Rachel and me

I'm BACK!!!!

hahha, its been a long long time...i either been really busy, or i've been lazy to update my posts.
its a lot of things to do when i update. i have know idea of how some people can go on updating their blogs all the time. pretty difficult for me.
But it is true, college life has been really crazy for me. i've just completed my second semester in help foundations. 1 More to Go. i dont really know if i am anticipating the end of this course. things are going to be much tougher in degree and i really hope i will be able to cope with it.

being in the editorial for HMC matrics, the school magazine for my department( a magazine which has a Looong way to go before achieving the levels of galaxie or even my american high school newspapers). yet, the workload is INSANE!!! i became one of the sub editors after only 3 months of membership. Being in charge of the layout, THE ONLY PERSON IN LAYOUT, i get to arrange the entire magazine MYSELF...ITs NO FUN i tell u.
anyways, im thinking of quitting it come this new semester.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Driving complications

Man...i am starting to get really annoyed with my driving teacher...
i was supposed to have my driving qualifications test on Tuesday. he tells me to be ready by 8.30am. and i did. i waited and waited until 9.30am for him, but batang hidung pun aku tak nampak. bloody hell...i call him and he says he is busy and the test is postponed to thursday. freak!!! why the hell didnt he call then? anyway, so that day, i ended up going to KL....thats fine

So todays thursday.and the same thing happens again. i get ready by 8.30am, i wait till i am getting pissed. i call him...guess what? that prick is busy again. and now its postponed to friday afternoon...but i am NOT free tomorrow. i will be at AFS.. what the hell he thinks i am? jackass. MY jpj test is supposed to be on the 22nd. thats next week. now that cow tells me that it is on the 29th.. WTF? my classes start on the 28th, and that cow knows it...i've told that to him like a hundred times.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Day - 9 days to go to College another booooring day ends, my countdown to the orientation day at HELP college is now shortened to 9 days. Man i am so excited about it. especially because i am so bored right now...everyone else seem to have already started college and form 6 ages ago.... most of my friends are so busy. i guess everyone has moved on with their lives while i spent my 6 wonderful months in the USA.

anyways, today, after about 2 months, i finally got to sleep in. for some reason, lately my mind has got myself set to be able to wake up everyday by the very latest... so much till i even wake up by 8 even if i am really tired. but yeah...i finally was able to wake up at 11am was good to wake up so late. anyway, woke up...everyone else at home were already at school and work. i took a peep in the fridge to find myself something to eat. unfortunately, we had cleaned out all the groceries late night. fortunately for me, i found half a tub of chocolate ice cream in the fridge...he he... i emptied the entire tub into a bowl and heated it up in the microwave oven and ended having hot chocolate for was gooooood...hehe
so it was raining really heavily, my usual agenda when i wake up is to check my emails...i couldnt do so because of the danger that the lightning strikes would fry modem( an experience which i am more than familiar with at my place)....turned on my mom's laptop...watched matrix revolutions for like the 300th time... its my all time favorite...did a little cleaning around the house. and when the rain subdued, checked my emails, did a little and sis were back by then, blasted the house with 6 i did some running on the treadmill as i couldnt go out jogging[ thanks rain :-( ] about 8 we went did grocery shopping at the local supermarket...bumped into a couple of friends having dinner with their family....