Thursday, August 16, 2007

Driving complications

Man...i am starting to get really annoyed with my driving teacher...
i was supposed to have my driving qualifications test on Tuesday. he tells me to be ready by 8.30am. and i did. i waited and waited until 9.30am for him, but batang hidung pun aku tak nampak. bloody hell...i call him and he says he is busy and the test is postponed to thursday. freak!!! why the hell didnt he call then? anyway, so that day, i ended up going to KL....thats fine

So todays thursday.and the same thing happens again. i get ready by 8.30am, i wait till i am getting pissed. i call him...guess what? that prick is busy again. and now its postponed to friday afternoon...but i am NOT free tomorrow. i will be at AFS.. what the hell he thinks i am? jackass. MY jpj test is supposed to be on the 22nd. thats next week. now that cow tells me that it is on the 29th.. WTF? my classes start on the 28th, and that cow knows it...i've told that to him like a hundred times.

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shanuja said...

all the best for the JPJ test! :D