Friday, May 2, 2008

Long Lost Friends

the guys

The Gals

Deric with his drawing

The gardens

Its been about 7 Years since most of us last met. 7 years since i graduated from primary school. The years of UPSR. Childhood times, old memories, good times, fun times.

After what it seemed like ages of attempts and planning, some of us SKTRJ( Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Rasah Jaya) class of 2001 met up. The venue, Midvalley, more specificly all over Midvalley.
It was about 12 of us. Its actually a pretty good turnout especially with the fact that most of us have long moved on and moved out into our own paths. Few have even travelled abroad. Many hoped to come, but couldnt. About 40( mainly from the class 6Bestari 2001-my class) invitations through text messages, phone calls and emails. many were busy. well, cant please everyone, can we?

So, Azril, Nithia, Deric,Ray, Mastura, Nabil, Revati, Jegan, Putri, Adilah, Fatin and me plus 2 other friends meet up at about 1.30pm, Saturday, 26 April 2008. We took about an hour just to find a place to eat that would accomodate all of us. Being a saturday, the place was crowded as hell. we finally settled for Dominos where the group was divided into 2 tables. Strangely, we ended sitting according to our sexes. Girls took up one table and the guys the other. Weird.

So we ate, Camwhored, exchanged contacts, and i think it was azril who came up with this idea of drawing autographs and to post it into our "friendster group". so we did that, took more picts, caught up with the news and ongoings in each others life.

Mid Valley was really crowded, we tried our luck at The Gardens for some peace and settled at the couches at The Gardens. Took more pictures and we planned for our next meet, hope it happens. Not Too LOng From Now hopefully

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