Saturday, April 26, 2008


2 weeks of semester break from college. Right after my second semester finals( finals sucked of course). As part of the commitee for the RUSH, an event we're organising for our department, i was sent to Langkawi to really checkout(locations, accomodations,costing,transporatations) the place for the event. and so i thought, a whole bunch of us can go for a holiday in langkawi as well as to get the job done. at first, it was supposed 12 of us. in the end, it was only 4 of us who went. commitee members. Mun yeu, abu, arthur and me. it was sunday morning, 12th april. the plan.

we were to meet at KL sentral at 6.30am to catch the earliest bus possible. i was all set to leave my apartment at 6 when i receive a call from arthur. "Abu asks if we can postpone the trip...He says he's sick!" NO WAY man...I've booked the hotel in Langkawi. "Fine, i'll just tell him we'll leave a little later, say, 9.30am?" "fine....". Poor mun yeu, he was already on his way when arthur called.

I get at KL sentral by 9.15am, get breakfast and wait.....and wait...and wait...arthur gets there about 9.30ish. Mun yeu about 10minutes later. Abu, does not appear. We call him, abu goes like"i'm on my way, i'm comin i'm comin". he finally arrives at 10.10am. we rush to Pudu, got the first bus we could get.

Ther bus was HOT and Bumpy...8 hours in there could make anyone go crazy. It was as bored as hell in there. Mun yeu has a new name now....Donnovan!!!

overall, the trip was boring....we got at langkawi, at like pigs, got a couple of beers...they're cheaper than sodas over there! and a bud was like only RM2.50 Unlike the usual RM9 in mainland.

we got out work done, went to the beach where I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT INTO THE WATER. then we tried going clubbing but we didnt . ended up at a bar. didnt sleep all night. we left langkawi as early as we could. Abu, GOT FREAKIN BORED... or rather he was missing a particular person...hehe.. man, this guy, CAN SLEEP....he slept all the way up to langkawi, attempted to sleep all the time at the hotel and slept all the way back...he doesnt drink..thats a good thing. but it was really funny at the store where mun yeu, arthur and i were getting beers and chocolate..the cashier counter was loaded with beers and chocolate. abu adds in a large pack of strawberry Milk...i dunno, it was pretty funny..

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