Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!

hahha, its been a long long time...i either been really busy, or i've been lazy to update my posts.
its a lot of things to do when i update. i have know idea of how some people can go on updating their blogs all the time. pretty difficult for me.
But it is true, college life has been really crazy for me. i've just completed my second semester in help foundations. 1 More to Go. i dont really know if i am anticipating the end of this course. things are going to be much tougher in degree and i really hope i will be able to cope with it.

being in the editorial for HMC matrics, the school magazine for my department( a magazine which has a Looong way to go before achieving the levels of galaxie or even my american high school newspapers). yet, the workload is INSANE!!! i became one of the sub editors after only 3 months of membership. Being in charge of the layout, THE ONLY PERSON IN LAYOUT, i get to arrange the entire magazine MYSELF...ITs NO FUN i tell u.
anyways, im thinking of quitting it come this new semester.

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